Unit 5: The Chinese Writing System: Connecting the Past and the Present第1课时教学设计




  二、 课时目标

  1. 通过展示自己搜集的异形同义的汉字和辨认不同时期的汉字“马”,激活相关主题知识和词汇,并根据标题和图片预测文本内容,就汉字书写体系提出相关问题,激发阅读兴趣。

  2. 运用寻读、梳理、归纳等策略,寻找“time & event”词块和信息,聚焦文本主要内容,关注汉字书写体系发展,积累相关主题语言,发展逻辑思维能力。


  Activity 1: Talking about Chinese characters


  1. Show different Chinese characters of the same meaning in groups, and let others guess what those characters are and which periods they belong to.

  2. Identify characters of which period can be recognized easily and try to tell the reason.

  3. Look at the picture on page 62 and answer the following questions:

  Q1: Do you know this Chinese character?

  Q2: Can you recognize another “马” in the picture? Why?

  Q3: Where did people write down the symbols?

  Q4: How did people write down the symbols on animal shells?

  设计意图】通过学生课前搜集的异形同义的汉字展示,谈论哪个时期的汉字能较为容易被认出来并说说理由,再结合课文插图中不同时期的汉字“马”的讨论,激活学生原有背景知识,引导学生关注汉字的发展与变化以及原因,引出相关话题词汇,如“picture-based”、“animal shell”、“symbol”、“carve”“Qin Dynasty”等,提高对历史文化变迁的敏感性,加深对中华文明的感知。

  Activity 2: Predicting the content of the passage


  Look at the title and the picture, and then predict what the passage will be about.

  Q1: What will be talked about?

  Q2: What may be the author’s intention of writing the passage?


  Activity 3: Raising and dealing with questions concerning the Chinese writing system


  1. Raise some questions about what they want to know about the Chinese writing system.

  Q1: What do you want to know about the Chinese writing system?

  2. Read the text and try to find the answers to what they want to know.

  Q2: Is what you want to know mentioned in the passage?Give the evidence.

  Q3: What else is talked about?

  Q4: What’s the main idea of the passage?

  (The development of the Chinese writing system and its function)


  Activity 4: Focusing on the development of the Chinese writing system


  1. Scan the passage to find the words and phrases that describe a time and what happened to the characters at those important times.

  Q1: What kind of words can show the development of the Chinese writing system clearly?

  (Words indicating time: several thousand years ago, by the Shang Dynasty, over the years, in the Qin Dynasty, today)

  Q2: What happened to the Chinese characters at those important times? Finish the timeline.



  Q3: Where can you find the word “system” in the passage?

  Q4: Do they all mean the same?

  Q5: Which period is the most important? Why?

  设计意图】学生通过自主寻读,围绕关键词“system”找出表示时间的词块,并找出不同时期汉字书写体系的特点,顺利聚焦文章的第一条主线——the development of the Chinese writing system。“在汉字书写体系发展中哪个时间段最重要?”的讨论旨在提高学生对于国家统一等政治因素对汉字发展重要性的认识,也为第二课时——功能的探索做好了铺垫。





  The Festival of Chinese Characters of our school is coming. Please introduce the development of the Chinese writing system according to “time & event”.


  The teacher’s version:

  Several thousand years ago, Chinese characters began as picture-based symbols carved on longgu. By the Shang Dynasty, the symbols had become a well-developed system. Over the years, the system developed into different forms. This, however, changed in the Qin Dynasty when the Chinese writing system began to develop in one direction because Emperor Qinshihuang united seven major states. Even today, not only can Chinese people communicate well by means of it but also many foreign friends come to China to appreciate China’s culture and history through this amazing language.

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